God is calling you to a GreatBIG Victorious Life!

If you’re like me you remember LPs & 45s, had a Walkman AND and Discman AND an MP3 player…all before the idea of being able to play music on a phone even existed!  And if you remember all of those things, you are probably now at a transition point in your life where:

  • You have set and accomplished many goals
  • You have survived many tragedies and setbacks
  • You are seeking God for clarity on your life’s purpose


At this transformative stage in your life – though you have achieved and accomplished much – as a Christian woman, you may be beginning to feel that something is missing…that something is lacking in your spiritual life. And although you may be doing “good” things or “good” work – you know it’s not the GreatBIG thing that God had purposed for you.

Or you may be at a point in your life where you haven’t achieved as much as you thought you would by now and a purpose from God seems elusive. You’ve tried all kinds of things but nothing seems purposeful and God seems far away.

Whatever you identify with you may be asking God –

What is next for me – What is my purpose – Why am I here?


In addition to that question, you maybe trying to find the time and energy to deal with daily responsibilities, handle life’s challenges, and spend time with God…which can feel pretty daunting.



Trust me…I get it! That’s why I think it’s important to not only attend weekly Church services but also find practical ways to grow in your relationship with Christ. 


I believe that when we find our true significance in Christ we can then live the GreatBIG Victorious Life He has called us to no matter the circumstance!


Hi, I’m Neca (and my little dog Perfecto)!

And God lead me to develop this website to serve Christian women who want to experience the Spiritual, Practical and Purposeful path in their everyday walk with Christ. Here I talk about Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Relationship Wellness.


I have been helping people in many roles as professional counselor/therapist, corporate trainer, facilitator, author and more for close to 20 years.  Even though I’ve been blessed to serve others in all walks of life…I’ve still have my struggles in life, love, career and finances.


God had a GreatBIG Life waiting for me but I wasn’t aware of it. I was going along my own path, which was “good” but not GREAT!


In order to transition me from “good” to “GREAT” God had to strip me of the unnecessary so He could equip me with the essential.


Right before I turned 40, however, God began to transform my life. He made me extremely uncomfortable and isolated so that I had to surrender and turn my full attention toward Him. Though it was not a fun or easy journey, I don’t regret one second of it. Had it not been for that experience, I would not be typing these words right now!


And just as God used the uncertainty and detours in my life to help me find my God-given purpose, I believe He is using the challenges in your life to create something GREAT for you!


So in response to God’s heeding, this site was developed –


Equip you with practical resources to find meaning & purpose everyday so that you can live victoriously for Christ no matter the challenge!


I pray that you find resources here that will draw you closer to Christ and experience His love without boundaries!


A good place to start is the 5 Day Pathway to Purpose Journal! Go ahead and download it…it’s totally free!




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