Thanks to Meg Weyerbacher of for nominating the blog for the Blogger Recognition Award! I love Meg’s writing, as she is truly gifted and shares from the heart – the good, the bad, and the ugly – all in the light of Christ. I’m always encouraged by her posts! Thanks again Meg!

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

* Write a post to show your award. Tada!
* Give a brief story of how your blog commenced.
* Give two pieces of blogging advice.
* Thank the one who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
* Select up to 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.


How this blog began:

Initially, I was never interested in starting a faith-based blog or blogging at all. Although, I’d written blog posts for my previous business as a therapist and corporate trainer, it was purely for marketing purposes and I kept my personal thought, experiences and feelings minimal.

This foray into blogging however was different because I knew God had called me to it this. I had gone through a period of transition and God isolated and led me to write. I wrote everyday in my journal for 66 days and when I looked at what I had I knew it was not just for my benefit and it needed to be shared. God had called me to help others who were searching for purpose in life through Him.

Although I don’t consider myself a great writer, but I do believe that God called me to be a messenger, so if the message needs to be written, then that’s what I’ll do, if it needs to spoken, then that’s what I’ll do. Whatever pathway He leads me down cannot be wrong. This journey has taught me how to really follow God no matter the cost and no matter how it might look to outsiders and I am eternally grateful for that and for the fact that others are being served.


My best blogging advice:

1. This isn’t actually my advice but it was given to me by my cousin, who told me that in order to become a better writer, you have to write. You can’t talk about writing, read about writing or read other’s writing and think you will get better. Set a word count every day that you’ll write or even set a time for just five minutes a day…do whatever you need to do to get into the habit of writing. If you know that you’ve been called to write, speak, dance, juggle…then get started and keep at it!

2. It’s never too late to start! This is for my 40+ peeps who might feel as though this online thing is only for the younger crowd…guess what it isn’t! You have wisdom and experience to share with others and if you know you have been called to blog/write, then don’t wait – just do it!


Blogs I’m nominating:

Nia Paige of Life Before Eternity – – Poignant posts about Sexual Purity.

Diana of Diana’s Diaries – – A wonderful faith based blog full of scriptural truths.

Alisa Nicaud of Flourishing Today – – Practical posts on faith, marriage, and parenting. She’s also been extremely helpful giving tips in helping me build this blog!

Yvonne Chase – – She’s the “Single Woman’s Cheerleader” speaking the truth about life, love and God.

Kendra & Kleneice at Humble and Whole – – These twin sisters offer their expertise by taking a faith-based approach to digital marketing.


Hebrews 10:24 – And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…



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