6 Reasons Hearing the Voice of God is Difficult

6 Reasons Hearing the Voice of God is Difficult

Recently, I conducted a reader survey and found that most of my readers were in their 40s and 50s and were having difficulty hearing the voice of God while trying to discern their God-given purpose.

Conventional wisdom says that at this point in your life you should know that. Afterall, you’ve lived enough life -but I’m learning that’s not the case.

Many of you have been busy working and/or raising your family -which is a purpose in and of itself and now you’re in a place in your life trying to figure out what’s next for you and what God is saying.  

Watch the video to learn the 6 reasons that I believe hearing the voice of God in midlife may be difficult for you:

1. You think it should be easier

You figure at this point in your life, you should already know your gifts, talents and purpose. So instead of spending time in presence of God – seeking Him in prayer and petition – you spend time being angry with yourself or with God. Or you beat your self up and exert energy regretting past mistakes and decisions.

2. Your mind is cluttered

We grew up in an era where we had less outside influence in terms of our attention. Life is different now…we have so much more vying for our time and attention – that it diminishes our ability to hear the voice of God. 

3. You Spend Quasi-Intimate Time with God

You spend more time reading, watching or hearing about God than you do WITH God. It’s good to hear others points of view but as my grandmother use to say – you have know the Lord for yourself!

Watch the video to learn why hearing the voice God can be difficult after 40.

4. Multi-tasking Myth

This is in line with having a cluttered and distracted mind. If you’ve reached midlife – you should have recognized that multi-tasking is a myth. Our brains are conducting multiple tasks as a time – it’s only switching from one thing to the next thing.

James 1:7-8 asserts that you shouldn’t expect to her the voice of God if you are not in a stable and clear state of mind.  Thus, hearing God’s voice requires simplicity and singleness in endeavor.

Watch and learn the 6 reasons why hearing the voice of God should be easier after a certain age.

5. You’re Too Distracted

We are too tuned into social media, the news, reality tv, other people’s live and what other’s might think of you to hear from God. To the naked eye it may seem though people in Generation X don’t have this issue…it’s a millennial thing.

Sorry to tell you but that’s not the case. A Nielsen report found that people between the ages of 35 to 49, spend almost seven hours a week on social media compared to 6 hours for millennials.

Take an inventory how much time you spend on distractions and see if you can’t allocate that time to God.

6. Selective Hearing/Listening

God IS speaking to you but He’s not saying what you want to hear. Sometimes we selectively choose what you want to hear and dismiss the rest. 

God told Jonah to go to Ninevah but he interested in that – He didn’t want to do what God wanted Him to do and pretended not to hear Him. The consequences ended up with him being swallowed whole by a giant fish. At that point Jonah had no choice but to listen to God’s instructions. 

Do you have difficulty discerning the voice of God? Let me know in the comments!

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